Middlesex Stamp Club

(revised December 1, 2006)


The name of the club shall be the "Middlesex Stamp Club".


The object of the club shall be to promote philately, by means of co-operative study, discussion and good fellowship.


Membership shall be open to all persons in good standing in the community, provided:

(A) Said persons are 18 years of age or over.

(B) Persons under the age of 18 may be "associate members" but have no voting power in the club. They may assume full membership at age 18 years.

(C) Said persons agree to be governed by the bylaws and rules of the club.

(D) Application for membership shall be made on a suitable form obtainable from the secretary. Club dues are payable at the time of application for membership. Said applicant shall be announced to the membership of the club and shall be considered by members of the Executive for membership. If accepted, the new member shall be announced to the membership at the next meeting. If applicant is rejected, the dues will be refunded. A copy of the bylaws shall be given to each new member once he/she is approved.


(A) An annual fee for membership shall be determined by the Executive and is payable at the beginning of the club year. If an applicant for membership is admitted after January 1, the fee shall be halved for the balance of that club year. The annual fee for associate members shall be $1.00 or, if admitted for membership after January 1, shall be 50 cents.

(B) A member whose dues are not paid by the second meeting in October for the current year shall be in default. As a consequence he/she may be deprived of benefits of club membership. Members in default shall be notified of the situation by the treasurer.


(A) The officers of the club shall be the following: Past President, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, 3 Directors.

(B) Duties of officers:
Past President: shall attend all executive meetings in an advisory capacity.

President: shall do all in his/her power to promote the interests of the club and shall preside at all meetings of the club or its Executive. It shall be his/her duty to see that all rulings of the Executive are carried out.

Vice-President: shall take over the duties of the President in his/her absence, or at any time requested to do so by the President. He/she shall be chairperson of the Programme Committee.

Directors: shall attend executive meetings. They shall offer their services in the operation of regular club meetings. Directors' responsibilities shall include assisting the treasurer with auctions, club promotion and publicity, welcoming visitors to club meetings, table and chair handling and arranging, and any other duties delegated by the Executive.

Secretary: shall record the minutes of all meetings of the club in a suitable book provided for this purpose, and keep a record of all club activities. The secretary shall be custodian of the club library and all other club property. He/she shall arrange for a substitute when absent from meetings.

Treasurer: shall collect all membership dues, issue membership cards, and shall be custodian of all monies. He/she shall deposit all monies and cheques in such bank as the Executive may specify. This officer shall pay all bills and other obligations against the club upon authorization from the Executive. He/she shall keep a suitable set of books which will indicate the financial operations of the club, and shall submit to the club, at its annual meeting, or when demanded by the Executive, a financial statement showing itemized receipts and expenditures for the fiscal year. He/she shall assist the auditors in carrying out their duties. He/she shall arrange for a substitute when absent from meetings.


(A) The Executive shall consist of the officers named in ARTICLE 5.

The Executive
(i) manages the affairs of the club.
(ii) elects a successor to any office vacated by death, sickness, resignation, etc. for the balance of the fiscal year.
(iii) may terminate the membership of any member for improper conduct.
(iv) appoints and supervises all standing and special committees.
(v) makes appropriations of all monies required by committees.
(vi) approves expenditures in excess of $25 made in the name of the club.
(vii) approves all membership applications.
(viii) appoints auditors to audit the books of the club.

(B) Eligibility to serve on the Executive: All members in good standing shall be eligible to serve on the Executive. The tenure of office shall be one year, except that the secretary and treasurer and three directors may be elected to succeed themselves. The President and Vice- President may not be re-elected to the same office until a lapse of one year from their last tenure in that office. This shall not prevent a person appointed to fill an unfinished term under ARTICLE 6(A)(ii) from being re-elected to succeed himself/herself the following term.


(A) Meetings shall commence in August or September and continue every other week until December, then recommence in early January and continue every other week into May.

(B) Meetings shall be held on Friday evenings, or such other evenings as the club may designate by majority vote.

(C) Should the regular meeting place not be available to the club on regular meeting nights, the Executive may make temporary arrangements for meetings until permanent arrangements are agreed upon by the club.

(D) Special meetings may be called by the President, or at the request of a majority of the members present at a regular club meeting. The secretary will issue notices of such meeting and only business requiring such a meeting shall be dealt with at this meeting. A quorum of 2/3 of the membership is required. If a quorum is not present the meeting must be adjourned to a specified date.


A meeting of the Executive shall be held within one month of the annual meeting in May, at which time standing committees shall be named and the programme for the first half of the new season shall be decided upon. Other meetings may be called by the President, as he/she considers advisable, or on request of a majority of the Executive. Any five members of the Executive shall constitute a quorum, and a majority vote of those present is sufficient to carry a motion.


(A) The annual election of officers, by secret ballot, if required, shall take place at the last regular meeting of the season in May. This meeting shall be designated the Annual Meeting.

(B) In April the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of the President and at least two Past Presidents whose duty it shall be to meet and compile a slate of nominees.

(C) At least one meeting prior to the election in May, the Nominating Committee shall announce its proposed slate of officers to the club membership.

(D) At the Annual Meeting club members may add nominations from the floor. Said nominations must be moved, seconded and accepted by the nominee.

(E) The new Executive shall take office immediately after the elections. The new Executive shall be sworn in by the outgoing President and will agree to abide by the club bylaws. Copies of the bylaws shall be given to each new Executive member.


Auditors shall be two members of the club, not on the Executive, appointed in conjuction with election of the Executive.

The fiscal year will run from July 1 until June 30th. The auditors will complete their report so it may be presented to the general membership at the first meeting of the following season.


(A) Operations and regulations pertaining to the sale and exchanging of all stamps at meetings shall be the responsibility of the Executive.

(B) Auctions: Club auctions are to be managed by a committee appointed annually. The Auction Committee shall be chaired by one of the directors. 10% of all sales receipts from such auctions are to be turned over to the club treasury. Only members in good standing may submit material for auctions.


Proposed amendments to the bylaws may be presented at two regular meetings. After the second presentation of the proposed changes a vote will be held among those members present. A 2/3 majority is required for passage of the changes.