Middlesex Stamp Club

MIDDPEX 2015 Exhibition & Bourse

Saturday, October 24, 2015
9:30 AM to 4:00PM
Westview Baptist Church
1000 Wonderland Rd. (Just north of Southdale, on east side)

Competitive exhibit - Open to any exhibitor

16 Dealers

Free parking and admission

Lucky Draws

Contact Hazel Elmsley, 519-434-4629
email: hazelelmslie@hotmail.com


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24, 9:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.


1. Canada
2. British Commonwealth
3. Foreign
4. Postal History
5. Topical
6. Display
7. Post card
8. Novice
9. Youth
10. One Frame
11. Non-competitive

Note: Each frame will accommodate a maximum of 6 pages or a Display Exhibit, at your discretion. Class 8 applies to an exhibitor who exhibits for the first time in a stamp exhibition. An exhibitor who qualifies as a youth may exhibit as a novice.


E.P.ABEY TROPHY for Best British Commonwealth Exhibit
ANNIVERSARY TROPHY for Best Foreign Exhibit
BILLING'S TROPHY for Best Topical Exhibit
MILL'S TROPHY for Best Postal History Exhibit
DELMORE TROPHY for Best Display Exhibit
COWLARD TROPHY for Best Youth Exhibit
CHARTER MEMBERS TROPHY for Best Postcard Exhibit
SANDER'S TROPHY for Best One Frame Exhibit

Gold, vermeil, silver, silver-bronze, bronze and participation certificates will be presented to each exhibitor in competitive classes. Best of class winners will have their name engraved on the appropriate trophy and if members of the MSC may take it home for the following year.



1. The exhibit is open to any stamp collector, who is exhibiting his/her own material.

2. An exhibit, which has won an award(s) in a previous MSC show, may only be entered on a non-competitive basis unless altered considerably. Exhibits that have won Vermeil or Gold awards at National or International shows are respectfully declined unless entered on a non-competitive basis.

3. No entry fee is required.

4. Exhibit frames are on loan from MSC. Each frame holds six pages. The borrower is responsible for breakage or loss.

5. All exhibits will be treated with care and suitable protection provided. Neither the MSC, its Show Committee, nor the venue for the exibition will be responsible for loss or damage to any exhibit or part of an exhibit. Exhibitors are responsible for their own insurance protection. Liability Insurance is provided by the MSC.

6. Exhibits are to be arranged in frames prior to arrival at the location of the show given above on Saturday morning - before 9:30 a.m., unless prior arrangements have been made.

7. Exhibits must not be removed prior to 4 o'clock Saturday evening.

8. The Official Entry Form is to be completed and returned to the Show Chairman at least two weeks before the date of the exhibition. No exhibits will be accepted after this date. An outline or your exhibit and title page is also requested at this time to allow the Judges time to properly prepare for your exhibit.

9. A selected panel of qualified judges will judge the exhibits using a five tier system, according to accepted standards of philatelic achievement. Their decision will be final.

10. Judges reserve the right to change the class of an exhibit, which they feel is better suited to another class.

11. A minimum of two frames is required per exhibit.This is not true for the one-frame exhibit.

12. Your signature will be deemed to imply acceptance of these exhibition regulations.

Please refer to above regulations no's 1, 3 to 7, and 12.



Number of frames –______ Classification -_____________

Title of Exhibit:________________________________________

Exhibitors Name:_________________________________________


Mail completed form to:

Hazel Elmslie
42 Palace Street,
London ON
N6B 2A7

You can download this entry form by clicking on the link below.

Download "Entry Form"