Stamp Club

Program Schedule

2019/2020 Programme

August 23, 2019 Friday

Summer Treasures & Question Box introduction

September 6 Friday

Steve Johnson “Power Point - Garfield Portch”

September 20 Friday

Hazel Elmslie – “Modern Spanish Post Office today”

October 4 Friday

Bruce Elston – “Canadian Forts – What’s behind the stamp illustration”

October 18 Friday

Set Up for CANPEX October 19 – 20

October 25 Friday

Alphabet Night letter “N”

November 1 Friday

Ken McGee “Dead countries of Africa” & Stratford Club circuit books

November 15 Friday

Bob Adams “Street Cars of Toronto on Postcard”

November 29 Friday

Jon Arnett “History of Canadian Christmas Seals”

December 13 Friday

Christmas Banquet

January 10 Friday

Major Club Auction

January 24 Friday

Steve Johnson “Enchanted Owl”

February 7 Friday

Gerry Lassche “Introduction to Admirals”

February 21 Friday

Peter McCarthy “Mountain Sheep”

March 6 Friday


March 20 Friday


April 3 Friday


April 17 Friday


May 1 Friday

Question Box Panel Answers & Nominations for Club Executive

May 15 Friday

Chris Ellis “Postal Stationary”

May 29 Friday

Major Club Auction